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Generate More Revenue

  • You need to proactively put your company in front of people that needs your services.
  • We'll find you clients interested in your services and solutions.
  • You'll get the highest return on investment you've ever received.

Industry Leading Positioning

  • When you position your company as the Industry Leader, people trust you and want to work with you.
  • They don't question you or nickel and dime you.

Get Results Quick

  • You'll get results quickly.
  • You will have a marketing strategy that works.
  • Your strategy will generate the type of clients you want.

From the Blog

Paul Hauck

3 – Building your IT company so you are ready to sell when it’s time

Dr Paul Hauck is an expert in selling IT Companies and Managed Service Providers. He has handled over 50 deals and in this episode he talks about how to get ready to sell your company. The bottom line is that even if you are not planning on selling your company, you need to plan for…

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2 – How to add a revenue stream (with 18%-20% margins) to your IT Managed Service Company

Glüh is a Software as a Service or Saas solution that allows an IT Managed Services Provider to quickly and easily add hardware and products to their offering. The software allows staff to quickly and easily quote and order products, which assists with providing an amazing customer experience to clients and end users. Glüh also provides…

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Welcome to the ResultsPoint Podcast (1)

1 – Welcome to the ResultsPoint Podcast

Hi, my name is David Smit I had have great technical skills. I can build apps, websites, software you name it, I can take any business problem and often solve or systemise it with technology. I am an expert at digital marketing and I can have generated impressive results for myself and other people. But…

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