There are many ways to go about increasing sales, but amongst cold calling, emails, attending events, different technologies and strategies, one simple fact remains – salespeople must connect with their potential clients. Here are 7 ways in which social ‘connectors’ can boost sales:

1. Don’t Have an Obvious Motive

A true ‘social connector’ must be transparent and sincere. They should be connecting on a human level as opposed to a business level and have no clear or predictable motive. A good social connector is proactive and seems to look at people as ‘people’ before ‘prospects’.

2. Be of Value To Your Connections and Pick Connections With Value

Social connectors need to look for connections that offer the most value. This must be done sincerely – do not take advantage of people and their positions, but foster good relationships with the right people and the sales will follow. Also, market yourself as valuable.

3. Think Collectively

Collaboration is key to success for social connectors. The relationships they cultivate are the means to a mutually beneficial end. Thus they focus on the needs and wants of the individual they want to work with and sell themselves accordingly, as opposed to selling the product immediately.

4. Be Curious About New Perspectives

In order to learn, one must obtain and nurture social connections. New points of view, different perspectives and ideas and innovative thoughts are all subsequent benefits of new collaborations. Social connectors see their connections as a source of help and their curiosity aids them in establishing new professional relationships.

5. Maintain Conversation

Once a conversation has been established, it is vital to stoke the fire; that is, keep the momentum of the discourse alive. They know from the beginning that the connections they make are long term and plan for this beforehand. This means strengthening business relationships by viewing connections as people first and potential business leads second.

6. Good Timing

Good social connectors know when starting to push the product is appropriate and when to back off. It is important to maintain a balance of having a social relationship with your connections and a purely business one – correct timing can preserve this balance with sincerity and credibility.

7. Picking Connections Wisely

An effective social connector must manage their time well – this involves picking out potential connections who talk a lot but offer little value, and avoid them. If the loss caused by the connection outweighs the gain of it, it is time to move on.

At the end of the day, connecting is simply having valuable conversations with valuable people. These conversations can lead to relationships that ultimately lead to sales – keep it simple and maintain valuable relationships. Start connecting today.

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