Marketing Challenges Tech Companies Face

You have to look at how well you are handling the challenges that come your way when aiming to make your business more visible. These are critical as they contribute to some of your motivations and plans for getting the most out of your marketing efforts.

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What Values Are You Adding?

It’s a necessity to look at how you’re going to market yourself based on the value of whatever you are offering in your IT business. Customers will want to stick with you if they feel that you are offering something of value to them.

When you show people something of value to them, those people will feel a little more confident over what you are offering. They will want to pay for what you are offering because they know that what you have is clearly worthwhile in some way.

You must especially show that you have a high value associated with your work. This includes more than just showing that you have the knowledge and resources for anyone’s IT needs. It is also about explaining to people that what you have to offer is helpful and can actually be worthwhile for a variety of needs.

Are You Obscure?

Obscurity can be a real threat that will keep your business from growing as well as it should. This is referred to as a state of being unknown and not all that visible.

When you are obscure, prospects will not know about you or have access to you. They might not feel all that motivated to do business with you either. The thing is that people are more likely to trust names that they actually recognize and notice.

Being obscure means that you are not being recognized by others. You are being hard to find as people aren’t as likely to take you seriously. They might think that you aren’t worth much because there is hardly anything about you out there in the public. You’ve got to keep yourself from being obscure if you want to scale and grow the business.

Are You Accessing the Proper Platforms?

You will have to use the right media platforms to make your message more visible and easier to spot. You must let others know on a regular basis about what you are offering so what you have in store is useful and ideal for anyone’s needs.

Digital advertising is expected to be a huge platform over the next 10 years. It is estimated that businesses will spend more on digital advertising in 2017 than what they will spend on television advertising. This is the first time this development has come about. Simply put, it is a massive shift in marketing.

Of course, mobile advertising is important to watch for just as well. Mobile advertising is growing at a faster rate than digital advertising, what with more people having their own mobile devices these days. It’s a trend that started a few years back and is only going to keep on expanding.

Media Saturation

You already read about how people are bombarded with loads of messages every day from a variety of people. Well, the media saturation that comes with the market is certainly a threat.

This entails more than just lots of messages. It also involves lots of sources in a variety of forms. From the television to the newspaper to social media sites, the media comes in many forms and will contribute a variety of messages in a number of distinct forms.

Media saturation makes it harder for people to concentrate on things. As a result, it has gotten to where people have very short attention spans. A person’s average attention span is only 8 seconds long. As a result, you have less than 7 seconds to make an impression on your client.

This means that you’ve got only a limited amount of time to grab someone’s attention. The many messages one reads and the extent of today’s media in many forms has made it exceptionally hard for people to actually pay attention to the messages that are out there.

Remember, there’s a reason why those old magazine ads with lots of text in them describing things are relics of the past. People don’t have the time to read all that stuff. They want information now and without having to put in lots of effort to read it.

Today digital marketing, including mobile marketing, has made a true impact on how people digest information. As you will see in the next chapter, you have to work hard to market yourself online if you want to stand out and be treated as someone who is easy to trust.

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