How to Grow Your IT / Tech Company

Now that you understand the importance of what you can do to build upon your business and succeed, you have to know what you can do in particular to go forward. You have to figure out a great plan to make it easier for you to get your business to grow and succeed.

To make your small IT business grow, you need to undergo six different transformations. Let’s look at how these can work and what they can do for making your business stand out from the rest.

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Target a Certain Niche Market

To start, you have to target a specific niche market. This can be any type individuals of market that have some type of similarities. A niche market is one that you can easily understand. This means that you can tailor your message in a way to where it should not be tough for people to understand whatever it is you want to say.

This also helps you to bring about an extra bit of insight to your client. It shows that you understand what your field is about and that you want to give people the support they desire.

Here’s an example of how you can reach such a network. You might think about specific types of businesses that can benefit from your IT services. You could think about banks or credit unions among other people who handle large amounts of money.

You may talk about how you are aiming to sell your solution to people in that field. You could say that you really want people there to know that your work can make it easier for banks to communicate with their clients or to secure their operations.

By targeting a niche market, you will be in touch with people who know what you are offering and have a vested interest in your work. They will be more likely to respond to you. This is needed for when you’re aiming to do more with marketing your work in general.

They will also notice that you’re offering services that are sensible and easy to follow. You have to offer great services to a niche market that is specific to them and in a way so you are seen as an expert in their type of business.

You can repeat whatever processes you are using for marketing as often as you want when you are targeting a certain niche. You are showing at this juncture that you have a real vested interest in something and that you want others to see that what you have to offer is appropriate and useful for many needs.

Choose One Product or Service to Market

Second, you must transform your work to where there is just one particular product or service in your IT business to market. Not everyone can be like Amazon and sell practically everything.

This is tough for many IT businesses to consider. But when you focus on just one thing, you will be able to emphasize your status as an expert in your field. You can concentrate on doing one thing right and making it stand out in a way that is distinct and special.

It’s impressive as to how businesses can grow when they focus on just one thing at a time. Take Amazon, for instance. Before it started to sell practically everything under the sun, it started out as a bookseller.

Meanwhile, Apple started out selling just one computer model. As Apple became more trustworthy as they focused on that one product, they eventually branched out and started to sell more products as people continued to trust in their brand.

You don’t want to market too many things at a given time. Less is truly more as it shows you are an expert at the core aspects of your business and that you understand everything there is to know about what you are offering.

When you start small, it is easy for you to try to be everything to everyone. This makes a real world of difference when managed right and you focus on what you are best in the world at.

This especially does well for when you are trying to target people directly. You have to express how you’re the best at a one particular solution and that you are an expert at solving specific problems for the market.

Don’t be too diverse when trying to market something. Focus more on what you can do so you will show that there’s no uncertainty in your business. Think about what is more important to your business and what you know people can benefit from so you can choose a plan that is suitable and capable of doing more for your business efforts.

Charge More

One of the biggest problems that many IT businesses have is that they aren’t charging enough money for their services. It’s a necessity for you to charge more money to your clients in order to succeed.

Naturally, you might think that charging more to your clients is a bad idea. You might think that providing things to people for cheap is great as it makes your work more appealing. But sometimes being cheap isn’t always best.

People these days aren’t going to focus on price for the most part. They want things that they know they can trust and can find some kind of value in. They are fine with paying extra for something if they know that it is a solution that they can trust in and will deliver the desired result.

There are many things you can do to charge more for your solution:

  • Increase your fees for each new client you take in. Charge a little extra when you have more people as you can afford to do this at the time.
  • Offer a deal for new clients with the price increasing after the first few times a client uses your services.
  • Offer several tiers of service where it costs more to use certain functions. A more expensive tier of service will provide people with extra things or more beneficial functions as well as access to some of the best things your business has to offer.
  • Change the packaging around if you have to.

All of these strategies will show that there is a general strategy in terms of how you’re going to keep your business active. When you show that there’s a clear value in what you are offering, the price will be justified.

Let’s think about bottled water for instance. People buy bottled water because they know there is a value to that water. The intrinsic value is convenience. They know that the water is of the best possible quality. This comes even as people could drink water from a more traditional tap.

Sure, people could drink water right from a tap. But people are buying bottled water because they know that it’s a great value to them. They know that it is convenient and that it has a great quality to it. They are also confident in that it is a cleaner option than what they might find in faucets.

This bottled water example shows that businesses that sell a solution need to position the solution in a way that is valuable to the market. People will actually have a vested interest in what is being offered to them.

Simply put, people buy services and products because they know that those things have great values attached to them. You must sell whatever it is you have based on the value that you are trying to offer to someone.

This especially includes showing how your services are going to be a benefit to the prospect. When you can market yourself by showing that your services are worthwhile and essential, it becomes easier for your business to thrive.

Remember, when it comes to your IT marketing plans, you should not be afraid to charge a good deal of money for your services. You will certainly be targeting people who can surely afford to pay for quality value added services. The key is to just show people that what you are doing is worth whatever it is you are charging. When done right, it can help people see that what you are offering is actually suitable and sensible.

Here is a short video that explains this concept further ->

Develop a Core Message

Fourth, you must look at the core message you want to produce. Explain why your business is so worthwhile.

The core message refers to the basic statement that you want to bring out to the public. It is about something that is sensible and easy to recall and will not be overly confusing or otherwise difficult to manage in any way.

Think about why people buy your services and products. Just consider the basics of what people need and want and why what you have to offer is appealing and worthwhile.

The core message that you use, must have some kind of a big promise attached to it. This is the message that you are aiming to send to someone that shows that you fully understand what a client wants and that you’re out there to provide the best possible solution to that said client.

The big promise must have a simple equation attached to it:

  1. You are out to help a certain niche group.
  2. You are there to solve a specific problem that group has.
  3. A particular service you have will be the key to solving that problem for that group.

Here’s an example of how to use this equation:

Niche Market + Problem/Solution They Want/Need + Your Solution

  1. Say that you’re out to help specific types of mid-size businesses. It could entail banks, for instance.
  2. Explain that you want to solve their issues with regards to scaling IT needs.
  3. Think about the specific kind of service you want to offer. It could entail cloud computing systems, for instance.

This equation works best when you are as specific as possible. It’s also best when it’s short. It should be something that can be pitched in about five seconds.

For instance, you could say that you help banks with managing IT functions through the cloud. This is simple and easy to understand while not taking forever to explain.

As you establish that core message, it becomes easier for you to sell whatever you have to other people. You will show that you have some kind of value attached to your work and that what you have is especially worthwhile.

Be certain that the message you prepare is as specific as possible. Don’t make it too vague or broad or else it might not attractive people. Just simply think about how well the message will be made out and how it can be to the benefit of anyone that you are aiming to target.

Get In Front of Your Potential Clients

The fifth strategy to use is to get up close with all of your potential clients using online methods. Think about where your customers are.

You have to directly get in touch with your customers. This is to show that you are absolutely interested in what they need and that you care about their demands.

At this point you should have considered the particular product you want to sell and the audience you are aiming to target. You should also know the specific message you want to share. But how are you going to get in front of your prospects?

You have to establish some demand for what you are offering. Part of this includes directly getting in touch with people through all sorts of avenues. This can be done through many outlets:

  • Online advertising works on a number of sites; you could target people on social media sites like LinkedIn.
  • Search engine optimization ensures that people will spot your IT services on a search engine without leafing through loads of pages.
  • Content marketing concentrates on telling people about the value of your services.
  • Social media marketing involves using your own accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and other related sites to briefly let people know about what you have.

A quick note: LinkedIn is the best option for your social media marketing needs as it is a place where more professionals looking for IT services can be found at. This is the perfect place to begin B2B prospecting. Feel free to connect with me on linkedin here.

  • Reaching various digital communities always helps provided you know the specific ones you want to target.

This part of marketing your IT business helps you to reach more people and to get the most out of a campaign as you are reaching the right types of people that you know will be to your benefit.

Get a Proper Sales Funnel Ready

The last point you must follow is to establish a proper sales funnel. This is a setup where you will find ways to get people to actually come over to you when they are interested in what you are offering.

A digital handshaking system can be used in this case. It is a system that makes it easier for you to reach people online and to eventually get in direct contact with them. Considering the value of IT services, it is important that you personally get in touch with each individual entity that wants to do business with you. After all, a great connection makes it so you can get certain services to work well for one’s demands.

This system works with a few steps in mind for getting the most out of your work:

  1. A person will click on an ad that you have created. It should inform the person about what you are offering at a certain time.
  2. That person will then opt in to a program to learn more about your work. It can come in the form of regular emails or a white paper among other things you want to send to someone. Whatever provides more details always works.
  3. After that person learns more, that person might try and ask for more information about what you are trying to share. An application is then filled out to request for direct communication with someone at a specific time.
  4. A full consultation can take place during the last stage. This allows you to directly speak with that person who has contacted you to share more about whatever you have to offer. This works best for those who have expressed a strong commitment to whatever you are aiming to offer.

This is much easier than traditional means of interaction where you try and send letters to people or contact them by phone at the right possible times. With the digital handshaking system, it becomes easier for people to send leads to you and to learn more about what you are offering.

Remember that all six of the steps you have read about here can work wonders for transforming your business and giving your marketing plans the direct and sensible boost they require.

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