Business Development

10 LinkedIn Tips for Business Development

Many LinkedIn users simply sign up, fill out their resume and never look at their page again. What they don’t realise is that they’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to get their name out there, reach potential networking contacts and ultimately, grow their business. There are many simple ways to delve into the work…

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Why Social Connectors Lead In Sales

There are many ways to go about increasing sales, but amongst cold calling, emails, attending events, different technologies and strategies, one simple fact remains – salespeople must connect with their potential clients. Here are 7 ways in which social ‘connectors’ can boost sales: 1. Don’t Have an Obvious Motive A true ‘social connector’ must be…

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The Art of Social Selling

Social selling is becoming a vital component of business growth and LinkedIn is proving to be the best tool to facilitate this. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can check how well you rank on their Social Selling Index. Many people completely overlook this until they see their low score. Here are a few…

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