Hi, my name is David Smit I had have great technical skills. I can build apps, websites, software you name it, I can take any business problem and often solve or systemise it with technology. I am an expert at digital marketing and I can have generated impressive results for myself and other people.

But until about 5 years ago, I had a no idea how to market or sell my services. I cringe when I talk to salespeople. When I was a managing partner at a document management consulting firm, we had all these companies that wanted to partner with us and I cringed at their sales people and I still cringe at those people today.

They will force their solution down your throat, without asking you about your or the end-users problem. Before you have even finished a sentence, they will say: “We can fix that… or “Our software does that!”

I moved across the planet from Calgary in Canada to Perth Australia and I had to start from scratch with no network and no personal contacts…

Along the way I learned that you need a problem to solve and a target market. You need to put your products and services in front of that market. I also learned from James Schramko that sales is simply the process of taking someone from one state or situation to a better/desired situation. It took me a while to figure out that this is a process with steps and if you listen to what people need, you will never ever be sleazy or annoy people.

I figured out a sales and marketing process that consistently gets IT Companies, Technology companies and Technology Consultants in front of their target market and gets them talking to the right prospect. Our process works really well and my company, ResultsPoint implements the process for other companies. We have had great success for other people and generated impressive results, that blows my mind sometimes…

On the ResultsPoint Podcast, I plan on interviewing the best in the business to learn about the processes and strategies they used to grow their technology and consulting businesses and you will take away key lessons that you can implement in your business.

I love speaking to these business rockstars and learning from them. I really hope you enjoy the show and feel free to get in touch at ResultsPoint.com with any feedback or suggestions for guests.